EO provides personnel for all phases and types of energy industry projects. Our personnel has experience in onshore pipelines, offshore pipelines, compressor and pumping stations, FPSO, MOPU, LNG, TLPs, SPARs, land drilling rigs, floaters, and many more.



Energy Operators, L. P. serves clients large and small in the United States and abroad.  Our track record shows we know how to work in a cost-effective, safe and environmentally sound way.

Some of our recent projects include:

  • Provided commissioning personnel for MOPU offshore West Africa.
  • Provided well site consultants and support staff for exploration activities in Papa New Guinea.
  • Provided well site consultants for 400+ locations including international, U.S. onshore, and Gulf of Mexico for drilling, completions, workovers and through tubing work.
  • Provided construction consultants for the conversion of a tanker and its installation into a moored production system offshore Egypt.
  • Provided construction engineering consultant to oversee pipeline installation offshore Congo.
  • Provided production foremen, production operators and I&E technicians for various projects onshore and offshore in the U.S. and West Africa.
  • Provided medics for remote location oil and gas operation.
  • Provided drilling engineers and well site consultants in Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Gabon, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Trinidad, Tunisia and Venezuela.
  • Provided well site geology services in the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.
  • Provided construction management and construction engineers to oversee contractors building a 55 house complex in West Africa.
  • Provided construction foremen and technicians to upgrade an LPG plant in West Africa.
  • Provided construction foremen, mechanics, I&E staff, welders and technicians to maintain a large facility in West Africa.

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